Arrive early – have a lot of fun
Teams has already contacted us about arriving early to Östersund for some training before the championship starts. We’re trying to arrange a short and intense ”New Years Cup” 1-2 jan 2017. We’re aiming to get six womens and six mens teams playing short practice matches.

The practice competition is played according to the World Curling Federation rules and applying the four-rock rule. All matches are played over 75 minutes or 5 ends with an extra end if needed. The teams will play a round robin in 2 groups of 6 teams. LSD average result recorded from all events will be used to separate the teams.
The organiser reserves the right to change the format depending of the number of entries.

The entry fee is low, only SEK 380/p.p. + cost for the hotel package. Entry fee includes lunch both days.
Entries must be received before October 1st and confirmed by paying the entry fee before December 15th (Details for payment will be sent out to teams later)
Accommodation at WJBCC official hotel Scandic Östersund Syd at the same special rates as for 2017 WJBCC.
The rates includes half board with large buffet breakfast + dinner. All teams enjoys a complimentary bus service from the hotel to our club arena.

Does it sound interesting? Enroll right now, it is going to be great fun!

Östersund Curling Club arena
• Six sheets of ice
• All new curlingstones
• Speedtrap/split timer system
• Spacious viewing area
• Wheelchair accessibility
• Female/male changing rooms
• Cafeteria
• Small but comfy lounge with TV
• All new dehumidification system

We have chosen the players hotel Scandic Östersund Syd carefully. It is in a quiet location, and they are used to cater for the needs of the Biathlon World Cup athletes every year and they’ll give the teams the feeling of “a home away from home”. They close the hotel for other guests to take 100% care of the WJBCC teams.
New Years Cup competitors enjoy the same
 rates at the hotel as for the WJBCC, just add Your extra nights in the booking form. To be able to play the New Years Cup You should arrive 30th or 31st of December.

Included in the WJBCC package:
• Comfy rooms with free WiFi
• Breakfast buffet with organic food.
• Choose between one lunch or dinner per day.
• Transfers to/from arena.