Dear Teams,

When You are going to pre-order your meals, we kindly ask You to take a thorough look at the playing schedule for Your team and our meal/transportation schedule and decide where You are going to eat Your lunch and supper each day.
Both kitchens wants to know how many they should prepare meals for each day to avoid situations where they either run out of food, or worse, have to throw away food.

Thanks for Your cooperation.

At the hotel:
Teams staying at the players hotel (Scandic Östersund Syd) have a buffet breakfast and lunch OR supper included in their room rate.
Along with every lunch or supper at Scandic the teams can choose between different “carbs” (potatoes, rice or pasta).
All meals include a salad buffet, bread/butter and still drinks. No softdrinks included.
We have negotiated a very competitive price for the lunches and supper at Scandic Syd when You pre-order.
Breakfast is served: 05.45-10.00   included in room rate
Lunch is served: 12.00-15.00 menu  SEK 85 (regular price SEK 95)
Supper is served: 18.00-21.00 menu  SEK 130 (regular price SEK 169)
An evening snack is available from the hotel at the cost of SEK 65:- (Yogurt, cereals, bread with toppings)

Please take a look at the playing schedule and place Your meal orders before 15 december, fill out the online order form that the WCF and the organiser will distribute via email to Your teams main contact.

You can also pre order lunch/supper package at the Arena Restaurant at a discounted pre-order rate:  SEK 85 (regular price SEK 90)
In both cases You will pay and receive Your vouchers when You arrive in Östersund.

At the venue:
It is also possible to order lunch or supper to eat at the venue. The Arena restaurant offers a buffet style lunch with two courses, a salad buffet, bread/butter and milk/water/apple drink. No softdrinks included.
Lunch is served: 10.00-14.00 menu
Supper is served: 18.00-19.30 menu  PLEASE NOTE: Supper is not a regular service at the arena restaurant, it is a special arrangement fort the teams at WJBCC, YOU HAVE TO PRE-ORDER your supper at the Arena!

The Arena Kiosk: 
If You want a snack in the morning or evening you’re welcome to the Arena Kiosk. There You’ll find HotDogs, grilled sandwiches, snacks, candy and of course traditional ”Swedish Fika” like coffee with delicious cinnamon buns.

Opening hours
Afternoon: 14.00-18.00
Evening: 19.30-21.30