Good to know

Here we have collected things that are good to know when you are at the competition.

Shuttle Bus Information

Shuttle bus service is available for staff and working with the event, athletes and supporters accomodated at following hotels:

  • Hotell Ett
  • Hotell Östersund
  • Hotell Gamla Teatern
  • Hotell Clarion

The timetable is adjusted to the playing and training schedule for both events.

Bus stop

  • The Bus stop outside each hotel AND players entrance at the Arena is marked with a sign.
  • The total route, starting from Hotel Ett to the Arena, take approximately 30 min.

For example:

First stop Hotell ETT at 12.00, second stop Hotell Östersund/Hotell Gamla Teatern 12.10, third stop Hotel Clarion 12.20 and last stop Arena 12.30.


Shuttle Bus Timetable


Timetable 2024-04-25 (Update 2024-04-24)

Timetable 2024-04-26 (Update 2024-04-26)
We have added an extra bus at 15.00 from the Arena for the woman’s semi final practice

Timetable 2024-04-27 (Finalday)

Transportation schedule ITO

Airport / Train Shuttle (Update 2024-04-26)

Shuffle Bus Timetable can also be found in the hotel reception.

    Östersund Airport Information

    When arriving

    • All luggage will come on same belt, i.e. both broom bags and luggage.
    • If you need to contact the airport, the number is +46 73 867 76 49.
    • If your luggage is lost or delayed you can report it on the web
    • Delayed luggage will be transported to your hotel by our transport organization.
    • If you use the public transportation from the Airport: The Bus is yellow and leaves 10 minutes after the last bag has arrived on the belt.
    • Estimated driving distance to Östersund town is 10 minutes

    When departing

    • The airport opens 04:45 AM
      • There is no need to be at the airport earlier than 1 hour before departure as it is a small airport and the security control doesn’t take long.
    • The airport restaurant is not open Monday
    • Check-In is done using the self-service computers at the airport, using your booking reference.
    • Use Bag-drop for your luggage. Broom bags can be dropped on belts 3, 4 or 5.



    Athletes going to the venues are advised to use the Yellow local buses, “Stadsbussarna”. It is a convenient way to get around Östersund. An adult single ride is SEK 32. There are also an option to buy a refillable bus card, please contact Resecentrum (situated in mid town) for more information and purchase.

    The bus service provider for Östersund is called Länstrafiken Jämtland: Länstrafiken i Jämtland/Härjedalen | LTR. Here you can find timetables and other relevant information.

    For English language in app, click at the menu at top right and, in the pop-up window, choose your preferred language at top left.

    The app for the buses can be downloaded via AppStore or Google Play. You can choose English as language by choosing the option “Mer” in the drop-down menu inside the app.

    You can NOT use cash on the local buses, but You can pay with Your VISA or MasterCard.

    Rental car offer

    Europcar invites you to their offer “We love sports”.

    The offer is based on pick-up day. If you rent a car and pick it up 

    • Sunday-Wednesday you will receive a 10% discount on standard rental rate.
    • Thursday-Saturday you will receive a 20% discount on standard rental rate.

    To book your car, go to . When booking your car, mark the checkbox “I have promo code”. Enter code 85033451 in the pop-up window to receive the discount.

    You could also contact the Europcar office in Östersund by calling +46 63 574750. Use the same promo code number for discount.


    Taxi Östersund: phone +46 63 199 000


    A-venue: Östersund Arena, Arenavägen 27


    Östersund Hospital is located at Kyrkgatan 16
    In case of Emergency – Call 112
    In case of advice – Call 1177

    Swedes love their coffee

    Few people drink more coffee than the Swedes. In Sweden, coffee drinking is fostered through a tradition called fika – in which friends, family or colleagues meet for coffee or tea, often with something sweet on the side. Most Swedes will enjoy at least one fika a day as an opportunity to bond.

    Be on time

    It is common knowledge here that ‘time’ should be respected at all times – regardless of whether you’re going for an interview or a friendly fika. Meetings will start on time with or without you. The bus leaves on time with or without you. Swedes value punctuality.

    Tap water is better than bottled

    Drinking straight from the tap is the norm in Sweden. The tap water in Östersund is very clean and fresh, so you can save both Your money and our environment by not buying bottled water while You are here.

    Keep that plastic bag

    Think twice before you throw away a plastic bag. Most Swedish grocery stores charge you for plastic or paper bags in an effort to keep waste low and encourage recycling. Swedes like to keep it sustainable.


    Cash is no longer king in Sweden

    Ask a Swede when they last paid for something in cash. The probable answer is last month or week. Digital payments via card or mobile apps are so common and trusted that many Swedes no longer carry cash. We even let our kids pay with cards.
    The majority of retailers like handling less cash. Swish and mobile payment methods such as iZettle make it easier for small business owners to operate cash-free.